09 July 2006

A right-this-moment list of 101 things I love

...things that give me contentment or pleasure; turn me on; feed my mind or spirit; make me love life.

I love, in no particular order, just the first "few" things to come to mind:

1. flying

2. the sugar in the bottom of a bag of spiced gum drops
3. my family...mother, brother, son,
daughter-in-law, grandboy
4. roses...their appearance and their scent
5. periwinkle blue
6. reading (biography; history; fiction, particularly short fiction; political commentary, magazines...just about anything)
7. politics (US and
8. meeting people from different parts of the world
9. traveling
10. sex...of all sorts...I said "in no particular order"
11. making babies smile with their whole being
12. making toddlers belly laugh
13. oceans and seas, particularly the Caribbean right now
14. wind on my skin
15. snow
16. receiving massages
17. giving sexual pleasure
18. la petite morte (my own and someone else's)
19. "flirting" with/"teasing" little old men patients

20. young men (late 20's, early 30's)
21. middle-aged women
22. intelligence (major turn-on)
23. the high-numbered beaches in Ocean City,
New Jersey
24. astronomy (sure do wish I could put my
telescope together)
25. moonlight

26. being a Pisces

27. the feeling of getting into a bed that's newly-made with line-dried cotton sheets when I've just taken a long bath and shaved my legs
28. my hair color (much more salt than pepper now)
29. "God," in all His/Her forms
30. nature
31. any form of moving water and its sounds
32. the scent of the beach, of the ground as a summer thuderstorm just starts to break; the scent of sere things being quenched
33. the still silence during a snowfall
34. driving in a heavy snow with the high beams on, in a 'snow tunnel'
35. driving with the windows down (I only use air when going on an interview)
36. being a very good nurse
37. learning new things
38. anal sex.. not for what it does for me as much as what it does for my partner
39. receptive fisting (would love to try giving as well some day : )
40. my life partner/partner in crime, my mutt, Sadie...affectionately known as "Sadilah" or "Boo-Bah"
41. my garden
42. flowers
43. nurturing growing things
44. helping people learn and develop their independence
45. one in the past tense...I adored raising my son...it's been my favorite thing so far
46. blogging
47. taking photographs...I have a good eye for composition but lack technical skills
48. swimming
49. birds, birding, birdsong
50. bright colors...I love to use them in decorating and am learning to like to wear them
51. bread or rolls, especially fresh-baked
52. butter
53. mojitos
54. the Bajan fish I cooked on the Fourth of July
55. my memories of Barbados
56. the dreams I have about what I'd like to do with my life
57. having options
58. believing I have the ability and time to do whatever I want...take a travel assignment, get a law degree or an advanced degree in health care ethics. learn computing and informatics, move to another state, move to another country, travel anywhere I want with or without a traveling companion, become a physician if I chose...about anything but become a physicist; that might be out of reach at this point
59. island life on Barbados
60. learning about other cultures
61. ice cream (my favorite cone is vanilla fudge on the bottom, cherry vanilla on top in a regular, crispy cone after a hot day on the beach...both flavors are very hard to find now)
62. hiking (not too strenuous)
63. sailing
64. snorkeling
65. NPR
66. science in all its forms...I adore Nova on PBS
and space exploration
67. nursing

68. Hallowe'en
69. envisioning traveling the world and of being of benefit to others who need my skills
70. memories of childhood summers spent in Wildwood, NJ
71. the tanzanite ring I bought in Barbados

72. The photos of Jen with her face
right next to
Brendan's and of Mike gazing into his son's eyes
73. the sound and smell of dry fall leaves being crushed underfoot
74. giving a woman an orgasm...everything about it but mostly the catch in her throat right as she comes ::sigh::
75. feeling "sore" the next day from having lots of great sex
76. Tamara, my "Sis"
77. my internet friends, especially the BAGs
79. pastries
80. trying new foods, especially ethnic dishes
81. blogging
82. having accomplished so much in two years of therapy; crafting the person I've always wanted to be
83. kayaking, canoeing
84. watching a great blue heron fly overhead
85. moons hiding among clouds (tonight's was gorgeous, a waxing gibbous moon a day from the full)
86. reading other people's blogs

87. "green tunnels"

88. water-smoothed stones and river rocks
89. skipping stones
90. asparagus, Jersey corn, Jersey peaches, Jersey strawberries, Jersey tomatoes (the BEST in the world!)
91. listening to the waves and voices mingling on the beach
92. that a young woman on the beach a few years ago asked me if I was a writer told me I "look like a writer"
93. words: sexy, meaningful, arcane; and their origins
94. myths and mythology
95. the movie and book The World According to Garp
96. movies, all except mindless horror/slasher flicks
97. music, virtually all genres
98. sunsets, particularly over bodies of water
99. that I took my son to over half the states in the US by the time he was 16
100. that my son is grown and has grown into such
a wonderful man and father who makes thoughtful, intelligent choices, who makes sacrifices, who loves
101. that I am alive

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At July 12, 2006 9:54 AM, Blogger Sandra said...

lovely list.
at this moment numbers 27 and 85 really resonate with me.

will read it again.

finding your list refreshed me after reading your ann coulter rant.

just writing her name evokes such...disgust - is the only word thta comes to me.

At July 13, 2006 12:55 AM, Blogger Cheryl said...

Thanks, Sandra and thanks for stopping by! I sort of blush when I think about gentle souls like you reading my gritty life. I hope I'm not too brash for you.

I had a lot of fun thinking about 101 things I love, though there is so much more... everything, really. : )

As for the devil incarnate whose name I simply cannot type again, yes. "Disgust" pretty much sums it up. Or "revulsion," which is a good word and so fitting.

Take care.

At July 13, 2006 1:02 AM, Blogger Sandra said...

funny that i would give the impression of being a gentle soul..
i may be gentle in nature i suppose.
but seasoned is also true.
not easily offended, or shocked - at all. i just yesterday clicked on the "bits of cheryl" link. hadn't noticed it before. i say, be the woman you are. we are sensual, sensory beings. why ignore any part of that. i will be back here too. :)

At July 13, 2006 4:19 AM, Blogger Cheryl said...

Well, thanks, Sandra. You're very kind. And I do think of you as a gentle soul and far more "forgiving" than I am.

I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far and hope you enjoy it more.

Love your duck, by the way.


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