14 July 2006

Basic Blog Tenets, Rules and Etiquette

1) This site is intended for the enjoyment of adult readers. If you are a child, it is not meant for you. Please leave.

2) I read and appreciate all comments. I will respond to most. I will delete anything
I find to be offensive, morally, politically or in any other way. As I once read on a wise woman's blog (I paraphrase), "My blog. My rules. Deal."

3) This is not a vehicle for me to locate women or men with whom to have sex. If that's your purpose, please save us both the trouble. Have fun. Get your rocks off. No problem and more power to you! Masturbation is a wonderful thing and transmits no STD's! Besides, it's really sexy to think of a woman with her fingers wedged between her damp thighs, or a man with his "throbbing member" (always a favorite euphamism) in hand, over my simple words. But that's the only way we will have sex together, unless we just happen "into" each other (pardon the pun).

Serendipity...almost as good as orgasm.

4) I may not always be exactly politically correct. I may change my mind about an issue. My views are not carved in stone and I am very much a work-in-progress, a quality I hope to retain for a lifetime. If you are a woman and/or a feminist and/or a supporter of feminism and/or of open sexual expression and are offended by my content, I apologize. I have not intended offense. This is just me and I am what I am, especially after my spinach. But I am human and show it here.

5) If you consider yourself a member of the Religious Right, I am a Christian. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior in 1976, at the age of nineteen, a few months before I married my born-again Christian fiance and a couple of months before I first got laid! (By my fiance, of course.) I love God and all S/He has created for us. I love Christ and the sacrifice S/He paid for my sins on the cross at Calvary. I carry the Holy Spirit around with me in my daily life and try to live that life in as Christ-like a manner as possible. I do not need salvation. I have already accepted it. God already loves me. Jesus already loves me. The Holy Spirit already loves me. The Holy Trinity loves me just as I am, warts and all. If you, too, can love me (strictly in the brotherly sense), welcome. If you're thinking of telling me I'm going to Hell, save your breath. It's not necessary and won't be appreciated. I accept your faith in Christ. You accept mine.

Thanks for stopping by.

6) If you don't consider yourself a member of the Religious Right or even consider yourself, like me, a progressive or liberal, please don't be scared off by number 5, above. My life with God is between S/He and me and I like to keep it that way. One of the most important spiritual lessons I've learned is to try to be accepting of another's spiritual path. Okay, I might scoff a bit at New Age stuff (sorry, New Agers!) but I don't proselytize.

7) I hope you find nearly as much pleasure here as I do.


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