11 July 2006

Safe is Sexy, Lube is Sexy

This has been on my mind a lot ever since my trip to Barbados. On that trip, for the first time, I had sex with a man wearing a condom. (There were other firsts, which we can explore later.) I'd like to make note that the last time I had sex with a man prior to this trip was 21 years ago and condoms were not nearly as important in 1985. Can I make a couple of observations about condoms?

Condoms are sexy! Maybe it's just the way my 'Bajan boyfriend' applied them or the comfort he had with his body but it was very sexy nonetheless.

One thing, though. Although Sean would tell me, "We don't need lube," because the condoms are pre-lubricated, it ain't so. Besides, lube is sexy, too. Guys and gals, try this. Get in the swing of things a bit then apply some Slippery Stuff gel to fingers. Either warm it up or apply to female genitals cold from the bottle (two different sensations, depends on your mood and needs) and slip-slide your way around the area. Feels loverly!

Safe IS sexy. LUBE is sexy, too.

Have fun!

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