25 July 2006

Too Blue to Blog

I hate when this happens, when I get into one of my funks. Of course, my breasts are getting tender and it's probably been three weeks so we all know what that means. God, I hate PMS!

I did send off my application and resume to the nurse recruiter at the hospital around the corner. I hope this is my way out. They are in the same health system so I think that means my boss could claim sh cannot spare me. What she and the hospital I want to work at need to understand is that my current facility is going to lose me. It's just a matter of whether I remain in the health system or leave it entirely. The hospital in NJ where I worked for so long was advertising last month a $20K sign-on bonus for ER RN's. Believe me, I was tempted. I'm not quite ready to go back to Jersey yet, though. And it would be a hefty commute.

So blue am I that I can't really think of anything I care to write about tonight so I'll just point you in the direction of my other blog, where I posted an entry about American Folk Culture and Roots Music. If you're interested in those things, go check it out. I have now found the next website where I'll be wasting money, on items like The Anthology of American Folk Music and Railroad Songs and Ballads.

What kind of music did I go searching for tonight? Why, blues, of course.

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