22 July 2006

Molto Triviano

I really was trying to resist writing this post and I hope it doesn't take me all fucking night to get it done. I've imbibed way too much this evening to pay bills or play with my checkbook. I may have even imbibed too much to enable my writing coherently and articulately. We'll see. At least posting leaves a little wiggle room for a mistake...I don't want to do that paying bills.

I've had a blast the last week or so playing around in my site meter! I've found the most interesting sites out there through the people who have visited my lil' ole blog here.

Somewhere I found a link to a neat website at the NIH's National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. It's a kids page on birds. So very cool! I love things which help introduce children to nature, science and the environment.

It's also refreshing to see the current administration hasn't eliminated everything positive within our government. You remember... the one that's supposed to be a...

...nation, under God,
shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.
Sure doesn't feel like a whole lot of that's been going on for a while.

JK (sorry, I got no link) was nice enough to post in the comments on Bitch | Lab (On Fire, 17 July 2006) a link to a new art house flick, Heading South. It's the tale of a group of middle-aged women who explore the limits of their lives by taking young, local lovers while on vacation in 1970's Haiti. One person whose comment I read somewhere (a review?) reported being disappointed that there wasn't more sex. Oh well, I'd still like to see it.

I'm conflicted about the movie, though, just as I'm conflicted about my own fling in Barbados a month ago (this time a month ago, I was firmly in the grip of lust...it was luscious!). I'm also conflicted because of the lead character's (Charlotte Rampling, yum!) attempt to "save" the object of her desire. I enjoyed my time with my Bajan lover but had no expectation that I could or would make his life better beyond the bedroom, a few meals, couple of books, etc. Why should I presume that my way of life is so superior? I find that very haughty. I envy Sean his freedom. But that's just me. I still worry a bit that becoming involved with him was not the best thing for either of us, primarily for him. He is, after all, only 28. Water under the bridge now.

The ever-faithful Bitch | Lab has begun my education in sex-positive feminism. It's been a hell of a ride there this past week!

The difference between Brits and Yanks:

I'm listening to a very interesting interview on BBC radio with Craig Newmark, of Craig's List fame. When discussing the impact of Craig's site, the interviewer claimed, "There've got to be thoudands of millions" of hits on the site monthly. (Sorry, I am not going on a search for the interview or I'll be another two hours floating around out there!...Well, I'll be damned, it's right here.)

To a Brit: "Thousands of millions."

To a Yank: "Billions."

Which do you prefer?

The Cunting Linguist has a great post up on Role Playing 101.


I posted something last week that brought a great many visitors here. Via a mention on Bitch | Lab (i'm still fanning myself over that one!) I got linked on a post of links on When Fangirls Attack, aka http://womenincomics.blogspot.com. This is a fascinating group of mostly young, mostly women who are concerned about how women are portrayed in comics and graphic novels. Now that I've mentioned and linked her again, I'm probably facing another few days/ a week of >50 hits a day, once the comics fans get done with their convention this weekend.

The next mention I got on that list thingie was when I took the invitation of someone in Comicsland to find out who my superhero is. You can find yours here. I soooo wanted to be Cat Woman. I lust after Cat Woman. I am Cat Woman, damn it!
(Told you!) Ragnell was kind enough to comment. (Thanks, and you really don't have to include this one on that list of yours! I really don't deserve to be on it. I don't even really know what Anime is. The closest I've ever come to comics are Henry Darger and Robert Crumb, who were/are both fascinating. There's more about them here & here and here, respectively. (Somehow, I sense some more Twisty Demerits coming my way ; )

Anyway, here are some postulations about this astonishing new segment of the world
I've discovered and nerds in general:
  • They have cooler computers than the average bear.
  • Comics fans are from the four corners of the globe! I've had hits from places I'd forgotten exist!
  • Way more Mac's and Firefox/Safari. A few Netscapes scattered in there for color.
  • Some comics fans come in, look at the Girl Fuck 2005 post and leave.
  • Some comics fans come in, look at the Girl Fuck 2005 post and out click to the Girl Fuck 2005 site. Naughty, naughty!
  • Some comics fans come in, look at the Girl Fuck 2005 post and hang a round a while. Hi there.
  • I think a couple of those comics fans have come back. Hi again.
  • A great many of these feminist comics fans are sexy.
I've wandered into a few new places as a result and have found them all, so far, to be open, concerned about issues of interest to feminist women, intelligent, really passionate about their subject and the social implications of negative stereotypes of women in comic-formatted literature. A few of them were men of a similar ilk. When sex and sexuality was discussed, it was always in a positive manner. There were no prudes that I found, just a few men stuck on the patriarchy who'd try to argue their point (badly, IMHO). I found many of the women to be quite hot. Almost all were younger than my son, the father.

Thanks for the memories, comics fan hotties! Really, I don't need another link but you are all free to stop back and visit again! And feel free to tell me if anything really luscious is happening out there on the comi-femi continent in the feminist hemisphere!

I've rambled enough for one night and dragged you along and it's fucking four o'clock AM and I have yet to shower before bed! I hope you found something to tickle your fancy while you rummaged here. Me, I've got to get up early enough to get the bills paid before noon. Though, really, the mail carrier doesn't usually get here until at least 1-ish. I could probably sleep in a little...

Fuck it, the bills will be paid fucking Monday. Fuck creditors!

Technorati tags: comics / culture / feminism / hmmm... / humor / life / middle-age / men / procrastination (I've always meant to have a blog named that...) / sensuality / sex / sex-positive / sexuality /
women /
If there are any others, and I'm sure there are, could you try to figure them out yourself, please? I'm tired.


At July 22, 2006 4:52 PM, Blogger Bitch | Lab said...

I've yet to have a chance to read that link you mention. Been meaning to do it, but got burnt out on the sex/race/class wars. arghhh.

pay the bills monday. yes. :)

At July 22, 2006 6:31 PM, Blogger Cheryl said...

Yes...bill payments to go out Monday morning. I will hopefully be at the Jersey shore at the time. : )

Which link? To Role Playing 101? You should read it, it's very good.

At July 23, 2006 11:06 PM, Blogger Ragnell said...

Anime is Japanese cartoons.

And thanks for the kind words :)


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