03 August 2006

I Think I'm in Love

Thanks to Bryan McKay, who led me to BlogCritics who, ultimately, led me to my new love. I've only read his CV and one post and have already added Mark Schannon to my Google sidebar. (Yes, some day I'll grow up and actually figure out BlogRolling! What can I say? Basically, I'm lazy unless it's something I really enjoy. I'm learning to live with my inner slacker : )

There are now two men in the world I would consider marrying. Unfortunately, they're both already taken.

Is it sexist of me to say I hope their wives appreciate these men?

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At August 05, 2006 1:02 AM, Blogger MSchannon said...

Dang, woman, how'd you know I taught Robin everything he knows. The boy was lying in a gutter in New Orleans in 1962 when I found him. I saw something cool there and slowly lit a flame until it flared like a nova in the heavens.

But he was an ungrateful shit and turned his back on me once he hit the big time.

Alas, my queen, my bride not only appreciates me, she is my muse, my soul mate, my best friend, my source of hope when I despair. I could not live without her. Where were you 20 years ago...of course the vast difference in our ages may change your emotional feelings.

I answered your last post on my blog, but I'm also blotto...was on a client crisis trip in Sf for last three days, came back late tonight & drank too much.

I need to read more of your stuff when my eyes focus better--I type better than I read--but I love the fact that you put my blog on your site, and I'll try to live up to it.


At August 05, 2006 1:14 AM, Blogger Cheryl said...

And shine like s super nova Robin does, in my mind. He's a mentor for how to be human. I'm sure he remembers you fondly, Mark.

Age is not a barrier to me, being safely ensconced in the heart of your soul mate is. What lovely sentiments about your marriage and your wife.

Thanks for stopping by and you're always welcome back. Specialty of the house is a not-too-sweet but very rummy mojito. Pull up a chair and grab one whenever you want.

And I have no doubt you will live up to my link.

Take care.


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