11 December 2006


Wikipedia didn't know if any other uses of this photo constitutes a copyright infringment and neither do I. I hope it doesn't because I'd hate to receive a cease and desist order for posting this little beauty:

Is that not one of the sexiest cars you've ever seen? God damn, I was meant to be a muscle car owner! That's the first Ford Falcon Cobra to roll off the production line in 1979. I do believe that was the model Mel Gibson drove in Mad Max.

Want to see what I used to own? Let me see if I can find an image...

This was the shape of my 1972 Mustang Fastback. Look at those lines...is that not just about the most sensual car you've ever seen?

Much sexier than the Mach I, which was all about guys and PERFORMANCE, BABY! Loud, rude, brutal, vulgar performance.

No, give me the sleek, smooth areodynamics of my 302, V-8 gas guzzler She probably got about 12-15 mpg but in 1975 gas was 26 cents a gallon so who cared? But she, with an automatic and a very inexperienced driver, would go from 0 to 60 in 8 seconds. Not too bad for a little "302."

This is another great shot of the ever-sultry '72 Fastback:

This was my color...isn't it a beauty? Washed and waxed every week, mag wheels cleaned, chrome buffed up with Mother's Chrome Polish. This new product, Armor All, was faithfully applied to all appropriate surfaces. She shone for a while, until I got too busy...working, being married, being a mom.

I sold her to a young man in 1982 who promptly wrapped her around a tree two weeks later, totalling the car. I was busy being a mom and nursing student and nearly full-time worker in a convenience store. I, sensibly I thought, got my husband's car in the divorce settlement...a 1981 Plymouth Champ which, by a huge margin, holds the title of Worst Lemon I Ever Owned. Karma maybe? But I got the kid and had school to think about. It was an investment. It just turned out to be a shitty one for me. That car made me swear off anything Mitsubishi-built forever.

Now, if I were transported back in time, I know just what vehicle I'd want to travel those slightly winding, high-crested backwoods roads of my youth:

The 1972 AMC Javelin. I thought this car was sexy even back then but they were rarer and, consequently, dearer. My '72 Fastback came to me for $1,200 in 1975. But I love the look of the AMC cars, yes, even the Gremlin...I dated a guy who had one. My parents had a Hornet for a number of years which served us very well. AMC also had great car names.

Who knew I was a gearhead, huh?

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At December 11, 2006 11:19 AM, Blogger Bimbo said...

I've always been a GTO girl myself. Cherry red. I think that's how I'm going out, too, when the time comes and if I have the choice. Go Go Bimbo Inferno on the Autostrada to the Rolling Stones.

At December 12, 2006 12:37 PM, Blogger Cheryl said...

"Go, Go GTO?" It has a certain ring to it, Bimbo!


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