18 August 2006

Coffee Blogging

I made coffee this evening. I don't usually have coffee in the evening but I really felt like some. What I really feel like is a chocolate chip cookie/vanilla ice cream sandwich with Hershey's chocolate syrup but, since I don't have that, I'll settle for coffee.

I bought some new coffees recently from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. As much as I enjoyed the BloggersFuel coffee I got gratis from Boca Java this spring, I'm much more impressed with Green Mountains offerings. I ordered all decaf coffees, as I try to keep the caffeine to a reasonable level. I got my coffee two days after I ordered it! I ordered my caffeinated Boca Java coffee the same evening and it still hasn't arrived (about a week ago).

What I'm enjoying tonight is Green Mountain's Vermont Country Blend. I'm no coffee aficionado but I know what I like. This blend excites me so much I even pulled out the stainless steel diner creamer I found in Dad's basement after he died this spring and one of my favorite mugs. Funny, how I have to make what GE calls "four cups" to get just one for my favorite mugs. (Mugs. Mugs. Admittedly, I have a drinking ware fetish.) Since I have no idea what the proper terminology is, I'll just describe w
hy I enjoy this blend.

I love the way this coffee hits my tongue. It's very pungent...this must be the acidity. It's a rather strong blend and has a lot of body. You really know you're drinking coffee with a cuppa this, despite adding a little cream. (A very little cream is how I take it, if I should ever drop by.) There is an aftertaste, slightly bitter but still very pleasant. The aroma of the fresh-ground beans is to die for.

Damn, but I wish I had that ice cream sandwich!

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At August 19, 2006 5:14 PM, Blogger Jean said...

Oh, coffee, my soul. I've never tried Green Mountain, I'll have to give it a go. My sister drinks this Kenya stuff that I always forget the name of when I need to know it, but it's wonderful, strong and smooth with a little bitter. I'll put a touch of cream of it but no sugar, and it's just perfection. But I am a simple girl at heart, and when I was living down south, what I missed more than anything was Wawa hazelnut. Whenever I'd come back up for a visit, I'd stop at the first Wawa I came to and get a cup. 20 oz at two in the morning, a beautiful thing.

At August 19, 2006 8:16 PM, Blogger Cheryl said...

I like Green Mountain so far. Even those blends they call "light roast" are very full-bodied to me. Give them a try, I say.


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