18 August 2006

Cuttlefish and Dinosaurs

I don't know how some people can look at photos like these and not concede that we evolved from the oceans. I found these at Neptune Divers.

As much as I love snorkeling and as much as I'd love to see, up close and personal, the wonders which only exist at the bottom of the sea, I don't think I could ever get beyond my claustrophobia and fear of death by drowning to bring myself to don a wetsuit and tanks and go


Yet, look at these colors, created with no benefit of sun and soil, propogated without wind.

Chemistry at its best. How I wish I could witness it.

Then again, there's the other life forms of the sea floor.

How can we ignore the evidence that this was our foundation?

Hell, some of my relatives don't look this good!

Seriously, could one ever look at a cuttlefish and deny the existence of dinosaurs in earth's past? Mastadons. Sabre-toothed tigers. Wikipedia delicately describes the photo below as "two cuttlefish interacting." Un-huh.

Birds do it. Bees do it. Even cuttlefish and trees do it.

Lid for every pot, I say.

tags: humor / life / nature / photography / senses / sex


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