01 November 2006

Democracy in America Today: US Senate Incumbent George Allen (R-VA)

This is an example of how democracy works in some parts of America in 2006. I'm sure we all remember stories about carefully selected audiences for Bush's stumps in the presidential race in 2000 and 2004. Has Allen learned from Bush or did our president learn from this apparent racist?

(Story via CNN, USA Today, AP. Mike Stark responds via the Richmond Times-Dispatch.)

You'll note the protester is not being charged. I sure hope he does press charges against Allen's crew.

George Allen...the man who calls an American-born citizen of Asian descent "Macaca." The man who is so ashamed of his Jewish heritage that he blows up at someone who questions him about it.

Funny, but my great-grandmother's maiden name was Rennebaum. I have forebears that had names like Hannah and Rebekkah. We used an awful lot of Yiddish idioms in my household when I was a child. And I've never once felt that having a heritage that was probably, in part, Jewish in any way "diminished" me.

George Allen, Virginia incumbent for US Senate...ever wear a sheet, George???

(Also posted on No Ordinary Princess.)

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