21 April 2007

I Guess It's Time

Well, as much as I wanted to get things cleaned up a little better, I'm not doing enough blogging lately to warrant keeping any stragglers who might read this blog coming back here. I transferred all my blog posts from Claiming my Inner Bitch on Blogger to a Wordpress blog of the same name some time ago. The two don't exactly support each other, though, so there are posts on the new Claiming my Inner Bitch which are jumbled up due to text boxes or other issues which don't quite compute from one program to the other. I do like Wordpress, though and, when I do write the rare random post, I write it there.

I'll leave this parked here for handy reference but if you want the least inkling of what the Inner Bitch is doing nowadays, you've got to head on off over there...

Change your blogrolls and feeds Yvonne and Penny! Mwahhh!

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