20 August 2006

TTLB Ecosystem

I figured I was finally bitchy enough to join the TTLB Ecosystem and not be a mere single-celled organism. Oh, that and I finally went and figured out how to add my blogs.

I have to wait until tomorrow to find out where I sit in the world but I'm betting on "Lowly Insect" for CMIB and "Slimy Mullosc" for No Ordinary Princess. I really like the idea of being a "Crunchy Crustacean" but think my links are already beyond that level. Damn shame. Crunchy things are good.

My ultimate goal? Being a Slithering Reptile or a Flappy Bird would be fine with me. I know I'll never make Higher Power status here.

tags: bitchy / blogging / humor / life / US politics / world politics


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