03 September 2006


Does anyone out there have any firm opinions about or recommendations for a decent digital camera? I may be in the market for one.

When I went to Jersey to watch my son run a few weeks ago, I
passed what I thought was an MG Midget on the roadside. I love little convertibles and would like nothing more than to have a slightly tumble-down but still functional vintage deuce coupe! I decided that if it was still there on my way home a couple days hence, I'd stop to enquire. It was.

It'a a 1975 Fiat Spider, dark electric blue. The owner says it's "90% resotred." Looks to me as if it's got a little more to go than that but that's no big concern for me. I don't really care if something is not aesthetically beautiful in terms of the dominant culture here in the West. I like things that appeal to me, not the Republican next door, and things appeal to me for a grand variety of reasons. I am more of a "more than skin-deep" girl, if you haven't noticed.

It has new tires, the rag top was replaced last year (which I don't believe...it's at least a few years old or has been very badly stored for the last 12 months).

I desire it.

I told a doctor friend of mine at work about the car. This guy is the consummate modern Renaissence man. He knows about everything. We also share a birthdate. Small world, huh? Anyway, Dr. Friend warned me that Spiders had the annoying little habit of suffering from electrical shorts leading to car fires.


I called my mechanic to discover the truth. He told me they've been known to do that but it shouldn't be an issue if it was in good shape. Then he asked me where I'd store it. I told him I'd cover it. (See how smart I am? I thought of that all by myself!) He then told me that covering an old car actually accelerates its decomposition. It would need to be garaged.


So now I'm thinking a new laptop and camera might be more reasonable buys, considering that I've broken my backspace key (hey, I self-edit as I go) and that's a really big pain in the ass.

The laptop I can do on my own, I think, though I've begun to wonder what the world of Mac is all about. The camera, I have no idea. I have a Kodak 4.1 megapixel (like this one but only 4mp) model (and a cheap, little Fuji model that takes AA batteries) but have never played around with any of the manual settings. Maybe that's all I really need to do because my Kodak really doesn't take a bad picture. I'd like to have more control over things like light, filtering, etc.

While we're at it, anybody know anything about the Pearl Climaxer I found through the new link to Granny's?

Soooo...any thoughts greatly appreciated.

On anything.

tags: choices / convertibles / life / meandering / middle-age


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