01 September 2006

Oh, the places I've been...

In looking through my site stats tonight, I found some lusciously patriarchetypical [(c) 2006 CmIB Enterprises], deliciously sensuous websites and offer them for your consideration:

Dirty Thirties:

  • The Blurb: "Happily married, mid-thirties couple timidly going out on the web..."
  • Dirty and Thirty are a very attractive and lucky heterosexual couple who enjoy the more sensuous side of connubial bliss. Made me sigh. Do yourself a favor and go first to the earliest of the All Tied Up series. Read everything. Look at the pictures and videos. Then you'll want to read all the posts, too! They don't seem too timid to me.
Gracie's Playground:
  • The Blurb: "the naughty ramblings of a functioning deviant who is far from grace."
  • Very graphic, deliciously deviant sex blogger. Explores bondage, submission and masochism, among other tasty delights.
Single by Choice, damnit:
  • The Blurb: "At the age of 26 I am walking away from a 2-year relationship with a great guy who just wanted us to live happily ever after. I stayed with him for as long as I did because I thought that was a nice idea, something I would warm up to over time.

    I was wrong.

    Apparently I'm not the marrying kind. I missed being single--having my own place, my own routine, my own life. Thus I return to singledom in all its glory.

    Oh and yes, I especially missed all the fucking."
  • Sex and the sexy single girl in Texas.
Finally, I made it to Granny's,** who played her cancer card so she could spend the day hanging out with the most amazingly beautiful horses.


**Addendum, Sept.3, 2006: Apparently, Liz has decided to go offline for a while. No horrible physical issues, just personal life stressors according to her son, Finnegan. I hope and pray for Liz's strength and returning health and eagerly await the time when she once again regales us with her wit, wisdom and spirit. Love, peace, happiness and wellness to Liz and all who love her.

tags: cancer / life / sex / sex blogging /sex positive


At September 01, 2006 10:04 AM, Blogger Jessica said...

Wanted to say Hi to another Philly blogger. Cute post!

At September 01, 2006 10:10 AM, Blogger Cheryl said...

Thanks and thanks for stopping by! You've got a nice site, which I'll have to check out fully after work...


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