01 October 2006

Mmmm, Yeah.

Pleasure = good.

Yes, I opted to dip into the toy chest before showering. Mmh, yes...it was scrumptious. Now I'm hungrier than I've been in weeks with virtually no edible food in the house so I'm chowing down on colby jack and crackers and am soon to tiptoe through the Heluva Good dip with same. What a time to be caught without
chips of any sort.

The bathroom is being warmed up by my little ceramic space heater, my towel getting toasty draped over the shower curtaian rod. I'm wrapped up in a bright red Polartec robe I bought while on a New Year's trip to New Hampshire with an old lover a few years ago. I wonder how she's doing. She sold her house, which is a few miles from my place. She always had a tremendous financial savvy I wil never have so I'm sure she did very well on the transaction. I'm relieved to see the cottage isn't razed yet to accomodate a McMansion. Cottages have so much more character and integrity.

I might throw Dad's mulberry throw around my shoulders while I fall asleep tonight.

Comfort. Succor.

I'm becoming sated with crackers, dip and ginger ale. I wonder if I shouldn't go dump a shotglass of rum into the soda. I've already taken my Lunesta so I don't have much more time. I still have to make up the bed. Maybe it's best to leave the rum alone. I am at peace for having felt all these mundane yet immensely important sensations again. You see, that's what life is all about. This is the answer to the question of the meaning of life, Y'all. Sensation. Descartes had it wrong...it's "I sense, therefore I am."

(Pause for random bad joke.)

It's all about the sensations, Peeps. Thinking is all very well and good but what good is pure thought or logic if there is no pleasure to be derived from life? I think what Descartes really meant was that the pleasure that thinking brought him was the reason he knew he was alive. Then again, who am I to argue with a 17th century philosopher?

The food, sex, splash of rum and Lunesta are kicking in. Time to go initiate my new neighbor to middle-of-the-night showering eccentric middle-aged woman upstairs. Time to make him glad I'm two flights up rather than just one. I save the moans for the middle-aged guy just below and he's not home tonight.

(Click on the pictures to see the amazing Alaskan artist I have discovered, specializing in masks, sculpture and jewelry. Just don't buy my Lou Cacioppo earrings!)

tags: emotions / life / masturbation / personal growth / self-awareness / senses / sex / sexuality / sexual orientation


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