26 August 2006

Ahh, the Internets

God, I love these internets thingies!

One of the headlines on my AOL homepage linked to a video on their comedy channel. I often have problems viewing the video from AOL so I went off on a hunt through YouTube for Mel Gibson's "Signs" of anti-Semitism. Oh, please go watch it. It's hilarious.

I love Mel Gibson. There are few stories in recent years, other than those of war and destruction, which saddened me as much as Mel's travails. It hurts me to see what a nut case Mel has become, or has always been. Frankly, I think Mel needs more than rehab, but it's probably nothing a good therapist and plenty of pharmaceuticals couldn't cure.

I fell in love with Mel after watching The Road Warrior, the first film I ever saw him in and my first exposure to Mad Max. Strictly in order of my personal preference, the Mad Max movies are: The Road Warrior (2nd film), Mad Max (1st film) and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (3rd, boring sequel) which, aside from serving as a showcase for Tina Turner's legs, was on par with Wyatt Earp...the only movie I ever left a theater halfway through. (Aside: check the URL for the second "The Road Warrior" link...it's from "prisonflicks.com." You know I've got to go investigate that further!)

As a matter of fact, I have been MadMom2 on the internet for as long as I've been on the internet. I was the original MADMOM on AOL but gave that name up when I discovered that "all caps" is rude. What most people don't know is that MadMom had nothing to do, really, with my then-13 year-old son. I had a Stepford child. I really did. Mike was frightening at times, especially to a mother as off the map as me. I wondered what they'd done with my real child...and why.

"MadMom" was primarily a take-off on the Mad Max movies I had discovered and fallen in love with in the 80's. I wanted to be the road warrior. I wanted to tread the forsaken paths of the world in search of my true being, righting wrongs along the way. I wanted to not have anything to lose. Mad Max was my mentor.

If you need another reason to understand why I love the younger Mel Gibson, might I suggest a little gem of a film I found on HBO many years ago. Mrs. Soffel is the first Diane Keaton film I could ever stomach. (She really does play a good, tragically sexually repressed wife/mother role...see The Good Mother for further evidence.) Mel played a death row inmate in a Pittsburgh prison at the turn of the last century with whom the warden's young wife has a torrid affair. He was fabulous and the two were enticingly sensual in the film.

Anywho...the next Mel Gibson-related video on YouTube tonight was this uproarious bit from Denis Leary. Denis Leary, who personifies his own premise that the only thing separating drunken Irishmen and Jews is a bottle of Manischewitz. My drunken-Irishman-spawned grandmother and probably-Jewish grandfather are turning over in their graves right about now.

Is Leary doing color commentary for the Red Sox now? See what a World Series victory will do for you?

I hope you enjoy as much as I did this blending of Irish wit and The American Pastime, baseball. (P. S. It was a great stop by the first baseman.)

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