09 August 2006

Too Good II

I said this was too good to pass up so I posted the video on this site, but apparently no one believed me. I'm going to critique the clip because I think this is about the best, and definitely the sexiest, condom commercial I've ever seen and I want others to get a treat, too. Watch the video. Tell me what you think. Tell me why I'm wrong. (which I'm not because I'm never wrong!)

Watch the vid...it's only a minute or so.

I find the main couple each indescribably, almost painfully beautiful. Okay, girl is a little light-complected but has the sexiest lips. Their skin is flawless, eyes deep and warm and very capable of conveying a lot of messages. They are each the focus of the entire crowd, first separately, then together.

Her umbrella cover blows away and she turns back to find herself staring directly in his eyes. The way he looks down as he retrieves his trusty Trust condom, in the oversized pack, from his pocket. Of course, it would always be there at his fingertips, just in case he bumped into the most beautiful woman in the world.

Look at his mouth and nose, those sparkling, mischievous eyes. Is he not an Adonis? The way he lowers his gaze as he reaches down toward his condom. He confidently raises the condom to his other hand and deftly opens it as she looks down then raises her eyes to meet his. The way their eyes interact as he slowly slides the makeshift cover down the shaft of the umbrella. Consider how beautiful his fingers are as they move their way down that shaft, how they almost, so close...touch, in a most evocative and enticing way...fingers just missing, leaving us all thirsting for more.

The crowd is entranced, watching the slow-mo scene. His eyes as he glances back from his pocket. The way their eyes dance with each other as he slowly pulls the condom, tantilizingly, lower. The old man in the car is the best. He seems to be thinking either, "Damn, I remember when I could do it like that," "Is it ever going to end," or,"I wonder if the Safe Stop on the way home has those Trust condoms."

The hero does his good deed and continues on his way as she watches. Then the surprise ending that has the crowd erupting in applause over the whole thing.

This is a fabulous commercial. Leaves you wanting more...her to chase after him or him to turn around, having realized his mistake. I was so struck by the rank confidence in both of them, the confidence that shone in their eyes as the scene unfolded. It leaves one wanting to be as sexy as these two. It really makes me want to run out and buy some Trust condoms!

Now, c'mon...tell me what you think! Tell me that's not terribly sexy. I dare you!

[Addendum, August 9, 2006: I don't know how I could have left out the best part...the way sex was viewed so positively in the commercial. It's okay to feel sexy, okay to be sexy, okay to think sexy thoughts, okay to have sex, for god's sake. In the end, the whole crowd clapped and cheered. Even the old man's wife had to come around with a smile on her face as she playfully hit him. (I think Pop is gettin' some tonight, after all.) Why can't Americans have such a beautiful attitude toward sex? Especially as part of an emotionally intimate, connected relationship, sex can be one of the, oh, three greatest things on the planet! Let's celebrate that!]

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At August 29, 2006 10:47 AM, Blogger Mark said...

AWESOME! LOVE IT! It works on so many levels; Love the thumping bass pounding my chest I cranked it up till the neighbors were hammering my wall.

The eye contact of the woman is amazing.

I have a very strong positive emotional response to this video and not sure why.

Thank you for allowing my to comment on this.

At August 29, 2006 2:32 PM, Blogger Cheryl said...

YAY! Somebody finally commented on the Trust condom ad! I feel like I should give you a prize, Mark, or at least drop some balloons and confetti from the ceiling.

I love it, too. I think it's about time we have some sex-positive commercials touting safer sex and condom usage.

Now the big question is...why don't we have these in the US? Where is Joycelyn Elders when you need her?


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