07 September 2006

Advice Needed

Now that I'm starting a new work schedule next week, I've come to realize that my life is going to change drastically with a 5-day workweek, 3pm to 11pm.

I will never hear Fresh Air again!

All Things Considered.

Talk of the Nation will be interrupted with showering and dog-walking.

I can't live without my NPR!

So, I think it's time to break down and get one of those iPod or mp3 player thingies so I can download and listen to Fresh Air and Talk of the Nation whenever I want.

So, what do I get, folks? I know you can get these things downloaded to your cell phone or some such. Do I want to do that?

Or do I just get a good pair of Bose headphones and listen on the laptop?

I hate technology!

tags: NPR / pods / podcasts / technology


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